Download Option Not working when using mobile data

i recently found out that all my apps with download option is not working when i user mobile data. its like all downloads are in reserved mode and when i connect with wifi then all downloads starts at the same time.

There is no problem in download option, i just wanted to confirm if anyone else facing the same issue or not.

In my case, i am using JIO SIM Card for internet access.

so is there any way to solve this coz lots of people uses mobile data and i don’t want any users to get frustrated.

Thank You

Isn’t this a setting in the phone itself? To only download large files with wifi acces?

Thanks @Peter for replying so fast,

there is no settings like you mentioned in my device. the max file size i tried to download using my app is 5 MB and min file size is 500 KB. so it should download without any problem but unfortunately its not downloading until i connect with wifi.

It must be a hidden setting on your phone’s ROM. Downloading with mobile data (Jio LTE) works as expected on my phone.

ok i understand, but how am i able to download from other apps.

for example i used this App and download is working, its from @The_Developer_2.0 - i can download files from his App.

His app and my app have common concept, download aia files.

now what will you say @Kanishka_Developer.

I’ll admit I don’t really know what’s wrong.

Still facing the issue… I didn’t find any hidden settings to enable download on mobile data so if someone have any solution then pls let me know…

Hi @techcvr !
Sorry for the late reply, but it might be plausible that you are accessing data services while roaming and Allowed over Roaming property is set to false.

This is again just an assumption, but can you check this property of the Download component ?

Hi… anyone got the solution? I am facing the same issue one of my App. Blocks are OK, my downloadable size 3 to 5 mb.

@techcvr & @indiagetsetgo but download component working fine for me… Yes in some device it show these problems but else working perfectly… Please mention your device name…