Drag and drop a view into another view is sometimes too difficult

As mentioned intitle, hope Kodular group to add a function which can operate drag and dop not only inside view window,but also can operate inside “All Components” windows

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Do you main for example drag button and drop in text view .
I thanks that not found an extension or component to do that
But found extension to drag from layout to layout , i thank

And you can use it by but button on layout and text view on another layout and use it , like for example i thanks

Thanks for replay, but is not what I mentioned, I mean in designer windows, when drag a component or layout from the palette, drop it to the simulated mobile windows, because the windows is too limited, it is more difficult to do rearrangment, for example, drag a card vew from Lauout A to Layout B, the only way is to operate inside the small windows, it is better to allow me to drag and drop though “All Componets” windows.

Temporarily you can choose a different mockup phone to get a bigger window, set screen to scrollable in order to move arround or even switch orientation from portait to landscape

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