Drip - The Creative Social Network..!

No Extensions, I Used Webviewer :slight_smile:
If You Wish to See-
Drip_Upcoming.aia (140.0 KB)


good work from screenshots
(I did not test just check screenshots)

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Thank You :slight_smile:

I Haven’t Used It, I Was Just Trying to Make It Load Even When User is Offline, But That Didn’t Work As I Expected. The Extension is Not Active Anyways.

Here’s the AIA without the Extension -
Drip_Current_Version.aia (134.7 KB)

sorry, but is it your blog or can everyone register for DRIP?

Anyone Can Join Drip :slight_smile:

What is the meaning term of a word Drip used on your app?

Well, Frankly Speaking, We Haven’t Thaught Much About It, Just Needed a Good Brandable Name. We Chose that Even to Indicate As Small Drops of Water [Also Referred as to Dripping of Water or Falling of Drops of Water] When United form An Ocean, And That’s What Our App Drip Specifically Does. Connecting Mankind Together :slight_smile:

Wow that is a wonderful and a simple word for everyone to remember and type on playstore
Note I appreciate that name and I give it 5 :star:

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Thank You for Acknowledgment.
We Are Glad You Liked It :slight_smile:

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But I see it is a website

Yes It Is, Currently We Do Not Have A Native App for Drip.
But Have thought Of Making it True Soon, By Using REST API.

Currently, It Just Uses Webviewer. So Can’t Help It. By the Word join, I Meant Anyone Can Sign Up or Register for Drip or Create An Account with Us.

Why not dependable at least maybe could have used firestore or baserow database?

That Will Make It Difficult for us to Provide A User Friendly Website.
Our First Priority Was Creating A Website, for Most PC Users, Now that We Have Left Almost No Bugs in the Code of Website, We Shifted to Making Of App. As Time Passes, We Will Even Be Making A Completely Native App.

Thanks for Your Suggestion :slight_smile:

You real have nice answers this is a best point
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

I would real like to pm for more help because you made my day :rofl:

Sure, No Issues :slight_smile:

Name of App : DRIP Social [Phase - 2 Update]

Category : Social Networking


We started Drip just out of a creative outburst but now, we very well discovered the fact that people are loving the difference we are creating . Now we are taking this experience onto a whole new level with our next update which we proudly call “ Phase 2 “ of Drip Social . This phase will make you regret that you still haven’t experienced the bliss we deliver artistically.

The Phase 2 of our app is more simple , more artistic , more productive . The UI is unmatched than what it was before . It works more smooth and provides an unbeatable user experience ; get ready to experience something new and something advanced . We feel that the social networking sites of today’s age should evolve time and gain but we have very well discovered the fact they haven’t . We are here for evolution. Welcome to the next phase …

Phase - 1 Description :

Drip from SPARCK Inc. is a Creative Social Networking Site and App where you can Post Activity Updates. You can make new Friends Grove Your Time, to Find Out People You are Interested in. Send Them Private Messages and Many More…!! Drip Messenger Has Feature to Send GIF’s And Stickers with Cloud Servers.


Phase -1 [Older Version] :

Play Store / Download link :

You should handle back press event in your app. Because your app closes as soon as back button is pressed. Also you must show some progress in your app. You may show a progress dialogue as soon as webview is interacted until the new page is loaded completely.

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Hi, Thanks for Your Suggestion.
I’m Glad that You gave your Time to Test Drip

However, I Have Already Added the Back Press Event that You Suggested. The Back Press Problem isn’t due to a Fault in the App, but it’s a Server Side Issue. As we Use Ajax to Load the Content on the Webpages, Most of the Pages are Loaded just without changing the URL.

We had to Choose Between User Experience of Loading the Webpage Smoothly and Faster or to Focus up on the Back Press Event during the Phase 2 Update. The Back Press Event Worked Perfectly, without the Ajax in Phase 1, but as User Experience was Reduced a Lot without Ajax Loading, we Choose using Ajax, instead of the Back Press Page Event.

Your Response Helped us to better understand on what we should Focus upon in the Phase 3 Development Stage. We won’t be Able to Cover it in Maintenance and Security Updates, but It’ll be Fixed in the Major Update, which we call it as the Phase Update.

We would Love to Hear any other Suggestions from You :slight_smile:
Do Let us Know about your Overall Experience with Drip Social.

Kind Regards.