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You should handle back press event in your app. Because your app closes as soon as back button is pressed. Also you must show some progress in your app. You may show a progress dialogue as soon as webview is interacted until the new page is loaded completely.

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Hi, Thanks for Your Suggestion.
I’m Glad that You gave your Time to Test Drip

However, I Have Already Added the Back Press Event that You Suggested. The Back Press Problem isn’t due to a Fault in the App, but it’s a Server Side Issue. As we Use Ajax to Load the Content on the Webpages, Most of the Pages are Loaded just without changing the URL.

We had to Choose Between User Experience of Loading the Webpage Smoothly and Faster or to Focus up on the Back Press Event during the Phase 2 Update. The Back Press Event Worked Perfectly, without the Ajax in Phase 1, but as User Experience was Reduced a Lot without Ajax Loading, we Choose using Ajax, instead of the Back Press Page Event.

Your Response Helped us to better understand on what we should Focus upon in the Phase 3 Development Stage. We won’t be Able to Cover it in Maintenance and Security Updates, but It’ll be Fixed in the Major Update, which we call it as the Phase Update.

We would Love to Hear any other Suggestions from You :slight_smile:
Do Let us Know about your Overall Experience with Drip Social.

Kind Regards.