Duplicating components option

Hello dear community and stuff.
Firstly thank you again for making such great platform and give possibility of realizing of our ideas.

My ask is about duplicating design components for example layouts, labels and etc. I am making crossword app now and use 13x13 grid. It is very very hard, time stealer and boring process of making the same view 169 times(((

It would be great if make something, can use it several times by coping.

Thank you!

I’m not sure if this is totally possible because of how App Inventor has been coded
And BTW, this has been requested several times already :sweat_smile:

We will investigate a bit more about this in the upcoming days after the update, but I cannot promise anything :sweat:


I believe you guys can integrate this as kodular is the #1 app inventor distribution.


much needed feature & extremely helpful, we will be glad to see it !


I guess there is a post here at the forum teaching how to do that downloading the .aia and copying some code.
I saw it somehere, not sure if it was here or if it couldn’t bring bugs in the future.

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Here Copy the component

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It‘s takes also much time and is not easy for someone without any coding experience, but it is the only way to copy the components…

And I think this will never be possible because it‘s not any text that you want to copy, these are visual components…
And also how it will be work if you have an layout with some content?

…so my thoughts are that this never will be possible, but maybe someone with big knowledge can try to find a workaround :smiley:

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This video from @7starmedia may help you. Video link : https://youtu.be/J4KaBPsCE00

Note: This video is in Hindi Voice.

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Well, I strongly recommend to check Kodular Eagle :wink:


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