Duplication in database table

Guys, i need help to solve a situation in my app.
In the moment that i click the button “rota1Btn” or “rota2Btn”, it should to insert one line in my table “desempenho”, but its insert two lines every time. And the second line is a duplication from do first line.
And i can’t find out where is the programming error. Can any body help me please?
The 1st picture is my programm, and tuhe 2nd is the database.


Yeah, i know it, i was thinking this would be the answer. It was a shot.
I just think it’s a shame, the community could grow much more if it accepted questions that involve extensions. Thanks brow. You are the best. Hugs.

Try This :point_down:

Or This


Since this is a DeepHost’s extension related problem, topic closed and unlisted