Dynamic App Creation Help

Hi I am Mouhurtik Ray,
Actually I am developing a story reading app like kindle in which i will copy-paste stories from the net i am just confused how to make few things
1.Bookmark whenever a person clicks on bookmark he will get his saved bookmarks and whenever he click on the bookmark his page will open.

2.I need two arrows basically left and right which will be used as previous page and next page.

3.How to change the package name?

Thanks for your help,

You can see an option to change the package name right below the Open Screen Animation on your main screen (Screen1) Property.

Solution for 1.

You can use TinyDB to store the value of the page (Like Page no. for bookmark) and also use the same TinyDB to get the value if clicked on book mark.


i am a newbie here so can u plz show me nwith some blocks??
ALso subscribed ur youtube channel