Dynamic button alignment to center of dynamic card

I am getting button at top alignment of card
How to get it in center alignment

This is my block part

You can find the block , dynamic button I’d (get number) alignment (use 1)

0 mean left
1 mean center
2 mean right

Sorry. No such block is there. Try using one more horizontal alignment inside the card view and trt

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@Still-learning 1 is already assigned default as a vertical alignment

Completely wrong
first of all @ajay asking for vertical alignment
0 is invalid alignment
1 means top
2 means center
3 means bottom

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Thanx for reply
But alignment block is only available in vertical arrangement not in any dynamic component.i have already tried using vertical center alignment block of vertical arrangement but it didn’t worked.
I think
But not working :pensive:

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Sorry, I Meant it for label ,

Well ok. There is no such block for dynamic button alignment directly.

Try like this, You can create one horizontal inside the dynamic card view in which you can create and set in that horizontal alignment as center from the designer mode

If not use this extension.

@Still-learning FOA you have mentioned here dynamic button and also @ajay asking for alignment in card view

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Thank you @iamwsumit
So I will have to use another extension :pensive:
I will try using that extn.
If there is any other way without using any extn please let me know.Thanks again

How I can achieve that?

Take a Horizontal Arrangement and after creating the card view add that horizontal arrangement to the card view and make the horizontal arrangement by your needs

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Why you use dynamic component by @yusufcihan and dynamic component built-in kodular?

In my opinion, the dynamic components by @yusufcihan are sufficient to create such a design.

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