Dynamic Card Components with Horizontal Arraigement inside

Hi!! I have a doubt with Dynamic Components. I’m working with Dynamic Components. But I only get to make Dynamic Cards with Vertical Arraigement. I can’t get an “Horizontal Arraigement” into the Dynamic Card to insert pics or label side by side. I tried but I can’t get it.
Please, how I can to do this?? Need I an Extension?


For second row use one HA in which create two label and a button. For second button use certain width and do left alignment. So automatically button will go just like what you showed in the picture

Or else use dynamic component extension by @yusufcihan

Instead of default dynamic cardview

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Ok, but how I use a HA? There is not this component in Dynamics Components?:thinking:

Exactly the same is mentioned in the Dynamic components extension topic quoted above

With Dynamic Components extension you can dynamically create any component!


Only to say that I get to do exactly I need with this extension.


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