Dynamic card view

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See if this help:

Using Dynamic Cards - Kodular Docs

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dyna sorted list.aia (50.1 KB)

Read the logic and modify as per your requirement…

is there a way to put else if here? i kind of need to add some more.

sorry , i cont understand because you are telling app to set the color as red if the value is greater than 60 if not white… then how you can set color for the remaining…

but is it possible to add colors?

yes possible… …

with what component?

what do you mean, … dont your method work as shown in the above pic?

i need to change “if then else” with “if else if” i tried to put Join in “to” of set vertical arrangement but it doesnt work.

Try like this

blocks - 2021-08-02T200107.004

Put all your conditions in if and pass the colors to then param.

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