Dynamic card view

not getting likes update in spread sheet as well as if i lclick on like button in 2 or 3 dynamic card it does not update anything .

show us how did you create this dynamic component?.. also your logic is having some error

i made 2 lable when 1 lable clicked like done, and global like should be show on 2 lable . it shoule be inrease like 51…52…but some problem that i could not solve

ok, so you are using material icon…
this both the if condition will not trigger at a same time

to overcome this issue, you need to get id of the clicked label and change into another id and try

how to get that clicked label id ?

Anyone suggest me …how can I get I’d of perticular label which is clicked

Just use the block

Call dynamic component get I’d component.

Use the above block, when any label clicked…

ok i got ids but how can i add likes in particular row of spread sheet. When u click particular lable that row likes number should be increase

Let assume your id is in the form of like{number}. Use replace text all text, your_id, segment like replacement empty string and you get the row number

not getting lable id .evry time it shows global id 6

you have not used to get id of the label sop you are getting the last used label id…

pls use one local variable to get the id of the component… i.e replace the notifier alert to local variable

how to replace that
can i put there some lable.text


okay lemme check

i believe that the label is created dynamically with id Dots… else it wont work…

yes it is created dynamically

sorry to say… I think, you are confusing us…

actually the label with id her only made it into a clickable to true but label with dher is not clickable. pls check that

nowhere clickable to true is there for the label with id dot:point_down:

pls correct your logic and make sure what you are clicking…

i am working on this rn

thats fine… i was refer your previous post…

yup sory i did not informd …i could not succeed in that arrangment so i tries this new one