Dynamic cardview showing blank

Hey please help iam going to create a list of images with dynamic components here is my blck images but this is not working showing white screen only.no error showing just showing blank screen

if you are calling procedure in screen initilaze and not giving time that procedure to load images so how you will get images, only call procedure and after got value call other blocks, because at start title will be a empty list and you cant get anything from that,

also set any name to procedure.

not working i also tried after got value and then create cardview

have you checked is there any data receiving from Firebase?

yes i add 2 label for tag list and value tag and value comming succesfully

pm me your aia, so i can check that.

Did anyone found the solution because i also having the same issue

Same issue for me

Try with Dynamic Components Extension and this guide may Help you.

I am using the same extention. Showing images when same blocks used in new projects. But not showing in existing project…

If you are using firebase maybe this might help

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What is the connection between them?


Create a new topic, explain your issue, show us what u have tried, what u want to achieve and which error is getting…