Dynamic categories system multiple case

i have tried the blocks of category system , but i didnt know that
Case : if category = sports the the data is added but , if category = sports news the data could not added
Needed : if category = sports , sports news or any other words containing sports the data should be added

It is possible but you should share us still more few details…

where do you are getting data?

what is your block?

show us what have you tried so for…

I loaded data from csv row from google spreadsheet and set colums index for getting data and now i add category system in it , i used

but in this if category contains series it woulde added but if contains series + any other word it coul not added , i
have to add the every cell containig seies in category coulm

Get the data in asc or dec order then from the data just crrat dynam components … Very simple approach

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