Dynamic Component Not Working

tried but not working

Share what you have tried

Check the ID’s being used you are using the same one more than once. Use do it in live companion

i have checked every block but still its not working. btw i’m Using View Pager. is that can be the reason for that? @Saezy @sugarlesscreator

Are you executing both of the procedures? First jobs then jobs2? If so what are the starting values for id and idr

Copy paste will give such error. Suppose if you do so, rename all the main components

Try to change DynamicComponents1 to DynamicComponents2 I also face this error but i solved it by changing DynamicComponents1 to DynamicComponents2.

As i said earlier, you did copy paste. Most of time it will become headache. Always try to use fresh blocks

ok thank you i will try

yes i did @saezy

Could variable id and variable idr have the same values? and cause the ids to be duplicate. Try joining idr with some text

ok let me try

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not working. I’m using view flipper is it could be the reason? @Saezy

You know, you would have gotten help much faster if you posted your aia…

check aia file Job (1).aia (219.0 KB)
i have changed something

You were executing procedures multiple times


Try this and see if it’s working

Job_2.aia (228.3 KB)

Are you sure?

Modified with less blocks

Joba_1.aia (219.6 KB)

@bohan tested and works

Who :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: