Dynamic Components When label click help pls

I like to put in my list view the quantity can anyone help me ??? PLZ
I have to put 2 labels material icons and when i press add the quantity

Thanks !!!

Have you set them Clickable to True?

BTW, it’s not clear what you’re asking.
What is not working?

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:point_right: :point_right: :point_right:

My problem is when i click on a certain label you have to subtract or increase the quantity by id

What is the id of that two components(subtract quantity and add quantity)?


@Sla250 I have got it now ids
just wait I am uploading some images so you can understand the logic of quantity

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OK, Item-QuantityLabel_

try these blocks

It will directly change the quantity on label

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Dont work, i dont know why
What I put here

Changing Label Text Is Temporary Update,
Any Refresh - Screen Change Or App Restart Will Set Item Count Again To 1.

In Most Of The Case Cart Page - Quantity Option Will Need To Store Quantity Data For Longer Than One Refresh.
So, Must Use A Local Database For It.


@ADDYLIN already said that you will have to save the quantity of each product in local database or online database after then you will have to give the quantity of product at the place of QT variable

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