Dynamic graphic in the bottom portion of the screen

Ok, so allow me to run an idea past everyone here. I have a feature for a radio station app I’m building. I’m wanting to show a graphic in the bottom portion of it that is not hard coded. It will be changed and controlled externally. For example a special event or something. I was thinking of simply hosting it in Google storage. Now I’m thinking of getting a bit fancy, if there is no external image available then some internal graphic would be displayed. But also I’m thinking of making the graphic clickable with a HTML file also externally controlled.

I also currently have a separate admin app that controls the news alert & school alera via firebase. So I’m thinking controlling it via the admin app would be a good idea too.

Now I’m not asking anyone here how to code that. But just a discussion on what could be a good way to go about it.


Is this related to this topic?

No I’m still working on that issue. I’m taking a break tonight as I’m getting frustrated by that issue.

I like the idea. Hosting could also be done on the website of your radio if you have access to that. Or you could use a cloudinary database to host your images. An image when users have no internet connection is always good. You wouldn’t need a html file because you can make images clickable.

I changed your title by the way. This reflects more your question. :wink:

No problem.

The website would be the best choice for the source image definitely.

I could add a url function the the admin app to make the main app use the URL. I didn’t think about that

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I have something similar to this in my app, there are banners that show new features or announcements, they have already defined ID set by the owner. I design the picture and then upload to cloudinary and then add the url in the firebase(via the admin app). When the user opens the dashboard the images are loaded. And if there is no internet I use the cached images or a plain banner. I have also done this for important messages and videos too. I have set the HTML format of the labels to true so I can customise the text as I want externally.

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Maybe you can show some example blocks on how this works for you?

Im sorry, I’m traveling and will be traveling for atleast 2 days 1000km to travel so probably when I reach I can share.

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That’s exactly what i was thinking.