Dynamic Grid View

I make categories but when I download the app for test. It shows like

In your height or width, if you want value to be in pixels then add a px in front of the number

But where I have to do?

It applies for all components with a height and width.


Please wait I am giving aia

.aia isn’t required!

Just go and check the height and width of all your components, if any has a value greater than 100 than add a px to it or adjust it accordingly

Grid view.

See post #6 please

In blocks?

If you are setting in blocks, then yes over there


Share Your Blocks.

Well i tested your AIA and it works fine for me… Even if i download APK.

However, in your blocks, you have this :

Guess the error is there because you have to put a with in % or change your block to width only


Means what are you saying I can’t understand.

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There are 2 Blocks For Width -

1. Width

2. Width Percent

Width Accepts 2 Values -

  1. -1 = Automatic

  2. -2 = Fill Parent

Width Percent Accepts 100 Values -
0 to 100

Aso Same Goes For Height And Height Percent

As You Are Using Width Percent Enter Value Between 0 and 100.

Or Use Width Block, With Value = -2.


This blocks ask for a width in % (from 1 to 100) and you set -2, maybe tha’s why you have this error

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Oh, I understand in width% I have -2 but width% accept only 0 to 100.

Am I right?


YES :white_check_mark:

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Ok, Thanks for helping.

Please close the topic then :slight_smile:

Now it showing like this.

Please help me.