Dynamic image Scale picture to fit block not working

i created a simple dynamic image but scale picture to fit block is not working for it
i tried scale by both true and false but not working

What is the output?
Is there an error or something else…

I haven’t used the dynamic component,let me try

no there is no error

Can you post a screenshot of the output? I’m checking the dynamic component :thinking::thinking::thinking: working

there is no output.
same image as before this block
i was creating grid view but i am getting problem in it

what is height and width of pic? have you set them before this block?

-2 inside a arrangement and 5 percent height
but not every image size is same

try setting only height or only width, so it can adjust to automatic then use scale to fit, try showing relevant blocks

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its still not working.
i will adjust:face_with_thermometer:

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same problem :pensive:

I have the same problem, any extension that can help?

You can use dynamic components extension instead!

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I already used the extension you mention, but how can you help me to adjust the image to the content?

Scaling does not work, the image changes its appearance!


waooo friend, this extension is yours, I solve my problem, I can not contain my happiness, all night looking for the way and finally thanks to you, to your extension

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Use Image loader Aix… Then will be this error automatically fix…