Dynamic labels disappeared when load

I am making an app in this dynamic cardview component and dynamic component labels are present. But when they loaded for 2 seconds labels textbox visible but after 2 seconds it disappeared.

Note:- I made New things in my app then i found this problem

Image before 2 second

Image after 2 second


Post a screenshot of your blocks . Do you use a clock component ?

Yes, i used a clock component @dora_paz

I can delete that clock If it is creating problem .can i

Maybe you have set it to always fire? Also what happens when timer reaches time ? Do you disable it ?

No i have not set it to always fire. By the way If clock is creating problem then i can delete it @dora_paz

Disable clock blocks and see if it works for you

I tried it but not working

If you wish pm me your aia to check it

Ok but please Don’t share it to anyone

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In the if else you have added rules for background color but for text added in then place only… ??? Do one thing, drag the set text id block after the if then else block and try… i hope you designed only for background color and not for text

All the blocks i already set in the starting when got data this blocks is for If the given date is matched current time then change background to show that it is New

I think you need to focus in this set text id for the dyna label … if data matches it will be visible if not it won’t appear instead background color only appear. You have set like that only… you need to move this block either just above if else then block or after then

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