Easypaisa payment gateway extension [free]

Easypaisa payment receive international and pakistan
Easypaisa to Easypaisa


free easypaisaPayment.aix (12.0 KB)


Nice Extension.

But you should also provide a Small Documentation of all the Blocks in the First Post.

And also Providing a Example of Blocks Usage will be Great.
( i Don’t mean .aia )


two different payment gateway in pakistan

jazzcash and easypaisa
payment received in mobile number

please follow the naming conventions, see your other thread…


price is too much :thinking:

test apk please share

working video

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Great work
Congratulations for this extension :confetti_ball::tada::+1:
But i have one question as in easy paisa we can send money to a bank/easy paisa account
But in this extension we only have one block
That i think can be used to send money only to another easy paisa account
So what about bank transfers??

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It’s Amazing Extension but you should add any video of your extension working that how it’s work in app.


bank add

please see again

thank you

@Arslan_Prince Do you know English language??

What everyone is asking to you and no response from your side.


all friends one and two day wait project completed video and apk make

skrill account add next version

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Hey i want this extension

not working i try this

nice payment extension…
please…make cash free payment and payout…extension :grin:

this extension is not working