Easypaisa payment gateway extension [free]

any videos
plz make a video plz plz plz

How to use it reply private info removed by Mod

How to use it pleas reply my Whatsapp number

He won’t reply because he is suspended since over 1 year as you can see in his profile.

Do you know how to use it tell me ?
How its work?

extension, please, I mean updated one with demonstration if possible please

Please read 2 posts above.

thnaks i already checked post#2 but it doesnt include Bank as shown in post#11

I meant this post. You tagged Arslan_Prince but he isn’t active here anymore.

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Thanks and much appreciated

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This doesn’t work. So please don’t waste your time. Thanks

i have working extension

Have you developed it or downloaded somewhere else. Can you please share the link?

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Have you JazzCash merchant account?

Using api we can work with web component but sdk for Android not possible in app inventor(for extension) because of aar resources.

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