Edit or Modify the AAB file


I did not used deephost. I used enhanced extension

If I am not wrong then Kodular has patch the enhanced extension now you can’t use it

Correct me if I am wrong

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What is your operating system version

I Did not Find any Post regarding This, Please Share if You Find

Well this was in Kodular update pinned post

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How Can i convert apk to aab from phone ??

I guess :thinking: that not possible but you can try with Termux app maybe you can do it

worked perfectly! Thank you very much

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‘yaml’ has no attribute ‘fullloader’

error in ubuntu 18.04

Can you post the whole log here

this time i did it but unfortutaely received aab folder with all files instead of compressed aab file.
what went wrong?
here is my path
python run.py -i “C:\Users\Neeraj\Downloads\Programs\app.apk” -o “C:\Users\Neeraj\Downloads\Programs\test.aab”
and here is output folder screenshot

did you name your apk as app.apk ?

yes brotha

how did your cmd closed and automatically folder converted into file? did u do something?

no don’t do because complied apk already have apk extension and make sperate folder because you complied the whole out put folder

Make one sperate folder on desktop and next show the whole logs here

How could I will know what happened without seeing the logs 🤷

Then what should be the name of our raw apk? How come name cause conflict to this process?
And I am creating in separate folder only.

you just download your apk from Kodular creator and don’t give any name to it

Ok and regarding folder, is it so that you want to say that input and output folder, both needs to be different?

In yours case it should be