Eflipbook App. How to download image from Airtable on app launch and add it to flipbook extension or create offline and online flipbook

I’m working on an ebook app where I need to download images (around 100+) from Airtable when the app starts up for the first time. After this these images will be used in offline mode in e book app. In which the flipbook extension will load the online images which are linked to AIRTABLE and show them in eBook format on opening the app for the first time and later download them in the hidden folder of the app and will show those images offline in your own flipbook.

You Can Do One thing.

  1. On Opening the App Download pages from Airtable
  2. Save them to an In-App SQL

And Then Whenever You open the app get values from SQLite and display

Can you give me example with an aia file. And pls add flipbook extension in this aia file

Sorry Praveen
I am Really busy now. As I am a Student I have Exams on my head. Would be really happy to help

A Video on SQLite . Please Refer. Also The Community is there to help you
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Thank you for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if it works because I’ve never tried it, but you can try to encode the files in base 64 and load them with flipbook extension