Email OTP Verification System Without Using Any Extension

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Email OTP Verification System Without Using Any Extension

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This is a basic OTP verification system using email. You will see OTP in the OTP status label , this is for test purpose, just to show you, you can change the blocks later.
APK is for test purpose only


App Store/Download link:

emailOTP.apk (4.2 MB)

AIA file

Download AIA from this link given below.

email (3.7 KB)

Note : you will need a web hosting and a domain to make this process work. you can use this for free hosting -

This method is best and free as Explained by Sanjay. Here Youtube channel is The Developer 2.0 and link for video is YouTube.
I Share this because i found this is best info.

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Pixii Bomb has tutorial on it !!

Is that the same app. If so then you have no right to sell the aia file.


Unlisted until you have any permission from the person to sell her work.
And @techcvr as ProKoder you should know that we dont support kind of such things!

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@aravind_chowdary_in and @Mika why did you guys thought that i stole her work…

i am a ProKoder and a Web Developer, and i think i am capable of making some good apps without copying others work.

i made this all by myself. Having an app with same type of concept doesn’t mean that i stole it.

also after watching the Pixii Bomb’s video, i am 200% sure that my work doesn’t even close to her work.
so i suggest you guys to at least check before you take any action or blame anyone.

and yes my method is similar to the work as explained by Sanjay on this video.

Thanks @ShaikhSajidAli for mentioning this. I thought no one made this thats y i am selling it. Now i have also decided to give it for free.


@techcvr Thanks for free i will try it. I know you are best and i want to say that i see your videos its best all time and different its didn’t copy or stolen work.

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@Mika - why this post is not listed ???

i think i have explained it clearly about this topic and its no ones copy product…

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It is listed…

ok… thanks

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its displaying on the label where it should display the otp.

This is just an example to show that otp is received from server. You have to write your own method to use this otp system.

For example storing the otp in a global variable and then match the user’s otp with global variable.

Also I didn’t receive any mails :frowning:

Ok… Let me check…

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Please write a usefull question or else

i have checked it and it seems to be working fine for me, i have tried it with the live test and it works ok

i made this using PHP code

Hey. Below I present the code of the file mail.php only improved. You can stylize the content in html: (570 Bytes)