Email validation in firebase-auth

Before allowing the user to change the email, it is necessary to validate the new email. Because, the user can inform an email that he does not have.

I didn’t find a way to do that. In the documentation there is only the possibility to send an email update confirmation to the new email, after the change in firebase-auth.

That is, if the user informed an email that he does not have by mistake or bad faith, the change has already been made in firebase.

To avoid this, it is necessary that a code is sent to the new email. The user must access the new email and get the code and inform this code in the App and only after that will the email be changed. All of this for security reasons.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

thank you.

Dynamic links would be help a lot, but Kodular is not supporting dynamic links (for now).

Otherwise you have the opportunity to verify the email or phone number and maybe then you can check if the user verified his account and allow after that to change his email/phone number