Empty Notify on Startup---


When I open my app for the first time, it asks for two sets of permissions.

Photos and Media:


then Location:


Notice behind the location? There is this empty notify


I have no idea where it is coming from. I disabled all clock and startup proceedures, so nothing is being done. I can’t figure out where this is coming from. It is not using the defaults I have set for Notfier1 either. Wrong colour etc. Any ideas?

It is that notification which tells you that the app is made with kodular but I think there is no text , the texture and timing can best match with the particular notification, if it something else then I don’t now but 99% it is about notification of kodular

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The automatic permission request come from the components you use on your application…
Perhaps you are using a component that requires location permission…
The photos and media permission is to store assets on local storage :thinking:

The permissions are fine . as I know what component needs them.

I dont know where this BLANK OK is coming from. It is not a notification from Kodular as it does not occur in other apps.

Try to disable the about notification completely and then tryb

Or just enable the kodular about notification completely, even if it appear then it is something else otherwise 99% it about notifier

Can you share an apk so we can try it out

Let me get an APK uploaded somewhere. Just tweaking a few things.

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The link is not working for me

It is working for me. You need to select slow download. Let me find somewhere else to put it

upload it directly here

Its too big… Try here.

Gofile - File sharing platform, anonymous and free

cannot download :confused:

It pops up on every boot of the app


  • Is it happens in companion too?
  • Is it happens in your other projects?

yes companion, no other projects.

i have same problem can anyone please help me in solving this…

If possible share your blocks to find out the faulty area