Enayet Games - The Best HTML5 Games Portal Available Yet

Enayet Games.

Enayet Games 1.2 Beta Version is here. It is Kodular Approved :smiley: And Adsense Approved too. It is the best html5 games portal available on Android. It has 60+ High Quality Games With a Lot of Useful Features. For more info visit official web page here https://enayetgames.blogspot.com/

Download the Apk from official website.

Download From Official Website: https://enayetgames.blogspot.com/

Please test the app and leave some feedback for Team Elite Enayet.


Well-done but where is the test APK???

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Hmm… I don’t no. The UI is not that spacial… And the concept I don’t know…

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Please post your APK

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You can download the apk from here https://enayetgames.blogspot.com/

The apk is too big so it is on OneDrive :smiley: get it from the official website: https://enayetgames.blogspot.com/

Have you tried it? :smiley: It has a lot of features :smiley: I described them in official web page. It is more special from backend. Also It has a fake crypto currency system for games that works like a real crypto currency system. And much more.

Is it going to be published to Google Play?

Yes, But I don’t have a valid visa card yet :smiley:

Do you mean credit card? Because if you are an India you won’t be able to purchase play console account with debit card as per R.B.I Guidelines.

Yes I know :smiley: But I am from Bangladesh And I Can Buy it with a valid MasterCard