Encrypt decrypt video

Hello all developer, i want to when my video Download then video encrypted and when my app video player start then video decrypt but i have no idea about this. Please help me

You Can Download Video File Name As Any Format That Not Supported Android And When Your App Start Change The Format Of File And Call Them

For Example

Download Your Video As Video1.dcd
When Your App Start Call The File Extension As .dcd files And When Got It Change The File Format As Video.mp4

But my user manually rename video.dcd to video.mp4 this is big issue for me

Sir use a hidden folder and rename video with different extension . your users wont find the video. or you can use youtube unlisted videos to steam in application. they wont be downloaded as well.

What about zipping it with a password that is randomly generated in app?

I use .filename and hide but when we check go to settings and show hidden folder enable then my my folder show. Please bro solve this issue. I am trying from many days.

Yes it is work but this process very slow

A slow process is better than no process

stream the video online via youtube. hide the video on youtube.

Bro online video player is ok and run but i want to my user download my video and play offline

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What about downloading the videos to the app specific directory?

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Educational video which are paid system. User only watch offline but not store parmanent

You have any idea about this

You can easily create and use the mentioned directory by using TaifunFile Extension.

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How can set blocks please guide me sir

This might guide you:

But from here my video move and save for permanent

Sorry, but I couldn’t understand what you mean.

I mean my video or file not seen my user under internal storage and not move to any othe folder

Isn’t that what you exactly want?

This way your app users will only see your videos in your app