EPG viewer application

I want to make EPG viewer application
I have the data in XMLTV file it contain 20 channel and data for 6 days
I can convert XML file to excel and save it in google drive as google sheet
Also i can upload data to Airtable
the data are 5 columns
start (DateTime)
end (DateTime)
channel name
program title arabic
program title english

What you have tried?

If the question is whether it is possible ?
The answer is yes !!!
But beware I seen very large EPG files (32 MB) and they are probably not readable exceeds the limits of ram memory !!!

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regarding the size of EPG file we can control it through channel numbers and how many days of EPG
my idea is simple in Egypt the most important Entertainment channels is OSN channels
now it is working on many android satellite receivers but their company do not offer EPG for these channels so i try to make an application to show these channels EPG on mobile or use the application on the android receiver with adding floating properties so i can see EPG during watching TV
can you explain how it is possible as you mention in your reply

I convert XML file to excel and upload data to airtable
i make different views
current view show current running program
view for each channel show all day program
i can get the current view by using show row data as each channel will be in a separate row and moving between channel by next and previous buttons
now i want to use show all row but i do not know yet how to do it

Sorry i can’t help with airtable. I created my own EPG in txt file and show program for today and complete program into two list view with search funtion for complete program (15 days)

can you tell me more information about your application if it is possible to share your AIA

I’m sorry but it’s impossible for me to share my aia.
It has taken me a lot of time and effort to do.
But take a looks maybe pictures help you. If press OK on remote control play live channel and if long press OK show EPG.

96 live channels of my contry

EPG: Left lits program for today and Right lists complete program

Custom search for complete program

After 15 day of searching community i finish my first application
1- Transfer xml file to excel
2- Upload the data to airtable free account base limit 1200 row only and EPG data reach about 12000 row) so i use google sheet as your database
when but all the rows in one sheet it took a very long time to filter data so i divide the data on 5 sheets

3- I learn how to read data from google sheet from the post below


4- Date tools extension help me to make the logic to show the current running program

5- I use floating view extension so i can use the application during watching TV

The final result
to get current running programs


to get full day program

finally thanks to all the people in community who help me and answer my questions

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