Error 201 : the camera did not return an image

Hello community, help. when I take the photo with my application that I created with Kodular, I receive this error: Error: the camera did not return an image. However, it was working long before. I checked my blocks but I did not find any error since I did not even move my blocks. Help me please

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Same problem here. I try FileScopeCamera.apk are not problem. But the problem are show in my project. The problem show after latest Kodular update. Even when i try the very basic one, the error still came up.

@dora_paz Can you send me link the aix of FileScopeCamera?

Have you read above post ? It is a temp workaround with blocks

Oh, Thank you @dora_paz

I read the solution you sent, so how do I place blocks from the solution in my blocks? here is what my blocks looked like:

blocks (31)

blocks (23)

blocks (29)

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Sorry for that, I just edited it, it’s in English now.

Please read Error 201 After Update 1.5.5 (Camera did not return an Image) - #7 by Amol_Kolhe