Error 2104 cannot write on file

hello when i am trying to save or append to a file an error is appearing , what is wierd is that when i am testing the app with companion it is creating and appending to a file normally.
knowing that the app is given the permission of writing on my storage.
any suggestions about the cause of that?
thank you

You have to ask permission while you are using apk…

Last Thing instead of creating post please search…

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As I already mentioned here: File path for unzip file component

… there are several issues with the File component:

  • Sometimes the full path and sometimes the relative is used (see blocks below)
  • WRITE permission is not queried automatically (only READ), so you have to ask manually for WRITE permission.
  • Permission granted is not triggered when the app starts for the first time, so you have to reload the screen.
  • Moreover: the File component can not access the assets with APK (only companion).

See here:

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Dear Alapjeet_Singh_RK i have been using appinventors several years and it is my first time to use kodular all the other app inventors don’t require to ask for permission to write it do that alone thats why i asked.
Anyway thank you

Exactly, and that’s why I pointed this out a long time ago - and again today.

that’s the only reason kodular is one of the most advance builder…
I don’t know about other builders…

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