Error 601 No corresponding activity was found

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Quisiera saber si hay una solucion a este Error 601, he seguido los pasos que he visto en el foro, youtube y páginas web pero no funciona. alguna forma de solucionar esta falla?

Good afternoon
I would like to know if there is a solution to this Error 601, I have followed the steps I have seen in the forum, youtube and web pages but it does not work. Any way to solve this fault?

Can you show your activity starter blocks please

Yes sir, here I attach the imageerror601_01

the blocks look fine
is there a browser installed on the device?
see also Using the Activity Starter

Open the browser to a designated Web page

Use these ActivityStarter with the VIEW action and a Data Uri to open the phone’s browser to a designated web page, for example,

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW



Hello Taifu
I have made that step, but it follows the same error 601. I do not know what to do or there is another method to open the page within the APP and not by external browser?

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use the webviewer component

Hello Taifu
Thank you very much Webviewer component fits what I need and works well, I ask: I must make some adjustment for Blocks ?, I have a concern, how do I make a menu in the title ?, Also, when I create the APK and when trying to install on the mobile I get Error 601 “An error occurred during the analysis of the package”. I have reviewed the cell phone and everything is in order, Unknown origins is active, the test APK compile and install it yesterday and it worked and now that I have made modifications when compiling the APK I can not install it, to see tests with the Kodular Component if it allows but install No.Uploading: Screenshot_20190426-231213.png…

Hi @Daniel_Miranda Welcome to Kodular Community
So you are starting activity before setting properties or have set properties from designer.
Because I don’t think it will work in first case.
Also posting a reply on 1 year old topic does not make any sense.