Error 701 unable to load vedio

i have given my my drive link in Airtable but it wont play my vedio please check my blocks and tell me is there any fault

Did you change video links cause last time you asked your links worked only in webview

yess i have changed to goodle drive link

Can you provide one link to test it ?

Use this extension

Check my block

Are you able to see list of links in colintree?

ofcourse yes

Also see here

@Ayush_Jha , the problem is, app will not play directly Google drive link… it must need to download then only will play.

To test this make a simple block like, when button click make video to play using anyone video URL

If it plays your blocks are correct and you are getting same 701 then the mentioned URL is not returning video instead gives just an URL.

To overcome from the problems , you need to change slightly the URL as mentioned in this post

Change and try according to this.

@Ayush_Jha Try this: playVideoFromGDrive.apk (5.4 MB)

The Video_Player needs a direct link:

The above extension provides that link and also tested as apk and autoplays using clock component with no errors

google_play_video.apk (5.2 MB)

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Ok, I just wanted to point out that it is basically also possible without an extension.

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thank you Very much

Till now the questions where about video player and now you need pdf ?

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will it download vedio then play or just start streaming becuz i have to post movies

This is a completely different question, so search the forum for it or open a new topic if necessary.

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