Error 908 - Image Utility - Online Image Load Problem

I updated one of my apps yesterday. Before this update, my app was working properly on all Android versions. However, after the update, my app is still working on all Android versions except Android 13.

I don’t have any features like downloading or uploading, but I have a list with images in my app. I load online images with the help of the inbuilt Image Utility component.

After the update, when I’m using my app on Android versions below 13, it works fine, and all images load properly. However, when I open the same app on Android 13, I encounter an error (Error 908), and not a single image is loading.

Can anyone help me?

You may try image loader extensions,

Paid Extension:

Free Extensions:

You can also try to change the property extension JSON to add a read media permission. Not sure that this would solve the issue forever, but it’s worth trying

Ask for READ_MEDIA_IMAGES permission


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