Error about "This ID is already used for another component"

when i open the app and go the section where the list is created, first time it works fine but when second time i go to this section it show this error “This ID is already used for another component, please pick another. ID needs to be unique for all components!”. i checked all the id and i found no repeated id then then why this error is pop out ?

anyone who understand the problem please reply
here is the blocks:-

Because when you are going to that List Section you are calling Spreadsheet again every time.

For the first time when you go to that section Spreadsheet is called, after that “for each number from 1 to length of list by 1” block is called and you use variable “number” from that to set the id’s.
And numbers start from 1 and goes till length of your list. And respectively set the corresponding id’s.
And everything goes well.

But when you go there second time again Spreadsheet is called and also “for each number from 1 to length of list by 1” block is called again.
From which “number variable” is used to set id’s and as numbers start from 1 id’s repeat again.

Which causes the Error.


You must save length of previous list and start from their onwards, next time. If you want to continue with the same list.
So the I’d will not be repeated.

Or else do what @ADDYLIN said :point_down::point_down:

How to solve this -

if you need to refresh data of that section everytime then -
When you leave that section means if you go to another arrangement.
Delete the whole Dynamic list.
So, whenever you visit that section, List is created from scratch.

if you need not to refresh the data it can easily be solved by a “if then else” statement.


i can’t understand could you please show me the blocks for solve this problem

Sorry i am not with my Laptop.
But i will try.

As i don’t know how you open that List Section
Let me assume that as a Button named “ListButton”.
And take a global variable - “name” with value 0

When “ListButton” Click
if global name = 0
then Spreadsheet 1 get Column

When Spreadsheet got Column
set global name to 1

This will solve the issue.

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And you must share blocks of how you go to that List section.
And how you alter between visibility of Vertical Arrangements.

This way we can tell the exact position of where you need to place those blocks.

Without that we can only make Guesses.
Like i made

from here i call the data


call spreadsheet like this
blocks (3)

and in got column add this one extra block
blocks (2)

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thank you soo much you’re genies. my problem is solved now. “THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN”

I think you mean genius

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