Error causing but everything working fine how to remove it

it is causing in my app but everything is working fine how to remove this error

How are you switching screens?

this is starting screen and i dont change any screen even then it is appearing when i access search bar in my app in emulator

Then show your blocks as it is hard to guess your problem.

but its not getting problem in phone it is only in emulator
i cant share blocks a bit
i want to keep it private until release
it will be a big release for me
(i dont know abut people that they will like or not but i will be happy coz of my hardwork)
by watching first line can you help please

It is shown randomly. If any phone has good ram and speed then it can handle wrong screen switching for some time.Take a look at guide.

Then PM blocks to someone who is wiiling to help you.You can trust on me.But I can be a bit late.

Let others try:grin:

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ok Thanks i understood now i have just low end pc in which emulator dont work properly and my app is working nice in other devices thanks for time


What man it happened in my emulator some days ago
But now in my phone
Same error but I am not switching any screen
Where is problem then?

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