Error comparing to equal values

Someone can help me? I am trying to compare to equal values but it’s returning false


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Post the aia.

Sorry but what is aia?

When I selected the “less than” comparison mode it returned true

But how it will be true? Both are quality only

I tried, it doesn’t work. It’s the first post

Use this option, your project will store as aia file. And sent it here as said by bodymindpower

Or post the block , how do you get such values in that variables?

The first is obtained from an “On marker click” and the second from Tiny DB, where I save the locations of the markers

The entire block is


Basically in these blocks I am looking in a Tiny DB tag for the latitude value of the selected marker. When it is found I save it in a variable and compare it to the latitude value of the marker

What about replacing mathematical equal with the equal block in logic section? Give it a try.

It also didn’t work

I added a “join” block to transform it into text and it worked. Very strange!

You are using blue logic use green logic

Dont worry with Do it, just you proceed you will get result. It may be a bug…

@Gabriel Post the aia or ais (screen):