Error during the analysis of the package

Hello people, I have the error during the analysis of the package, I have sought help from the community investigating several posts and nothing, I changed the name of the package of my app, I delete it

Problem is not due to your package name. Mostly it is due to the extensions used in your project. Make sure you have installed the app with same package name earlier. If not show us your list of extension used in your project

hello I have the same problem, i had tried a lot of things but the error is still present, I need your help ASAP please, I need to deliver an upgrade, and I can not install the new version.

This are the extension that I am using:

in this format is it correct?

can you tell me which one is the problem?


Remove the onesignalfix (which is the root cause and it become outdated) and use his latest paid OnesignalFix extension…

thanks a lot for your help, this work perfect!

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