Error generating the apk

Kodular no puede compilar este proyecto.
El error de compilación fue

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Kodular cannot compile this project.
The compilation error was
________Preparing application icon

Welcome to community please post complete error log

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that’s the only error i think its incomplete isn’t it?

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Es el unico mensaje que aparece al “Ver el registro”

  1. The official language here is English.
  2. Search the forum beforehand.
  3. Read this first:
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If you wish post your aia here so someone can check it

that is not kodular

this is kodular

There is no difference in this regard. So it also applies to Kodular.


Es la primera vez que intento hacer una aplicacion en esta pltaforma. Por lo tanto no estoy muy familiarizado con la misma. Es por eso que recurro a la comunidad
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It is the first time I have tried to make an application on this platform. Therefore I am not very familiar with it. That is why I turn to the community

Twice I added translation to your posts, please follow community’s rules and post in English

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thank you. I will see in the community if this topic has already been dealt with previously to solve my problem

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Hello. I was able to solve my problem thanks to another page that kindly gave me the solution, which I think is good to share it so that other people can continue with its application. It was about that when I put the application icon, I uploaded a .ico and that generated the error that was solved when uploading a .png image

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