Error handling in kodular

Are there any ways of displaying errors that are happening behind the scenes in Kodular? For example, i’ve setup a connection to an airtable database but nothing seems to happen so is there a component of block perhaps that can display errors?


What have you searched/found yourself? It is always good to search the forum before asking any question at all because most questions already have been asked once.

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Notifier used for showing errors, better search forums before asking questions, as Peter Said.

I’ve searched but couldnt find anything. Can someone please provide a link?


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But how do I display an error message? If for example i’ve setup an airtable connection but nothing is displayed on the screen, how do I see where the porblem lies?

If you don’t set the blocks well it will never run anything so it never opens an error, if they are fine and you have an error using the partner, kodular notifies you on the screen of the pc and on the cell phone by a toast, it does not work with all errors but with most if , and if you’re looking for a specific mistake, show your blocks to know how to help you

Ok will do thanks