Error importing keystore

Hello colleagues, I have created an educational app in Android Studio for my Webwiew, because of the complex programming I could not continue programming my app. I already have the app uploaded to the Play Store with quite a few users using it.

A month ago I discovered Kodular (I congratulate the team behind it) and I managed to improve my app greatly and I want to publish the update in the Play Store.

For this I have the KeyStore created in Android Studio called “keystore.jks”

In kodular I import the keystore (File> Import keystore). Then, I compiled an APK but I get the following message: “The selected file is not a keystore!”

How can I fix the problem?

rename keystore: android.keystore
it must also contain:
Default Keystore Password: android
Default Keystore Alias: androidkey
Default Key Password: android

You can to do this e.g. with AppToMarket.
And make a backup of your current keystore (Kodular), because otherwise it is irretrievably lost.

I have managed to follow your recommendation, but apparently the keystore does not work because it fails to compile the app, I have obtained AppToMarket from:!topic/apptomarket/4XjNUSgh42Q

Will I be skipping any procedure?

Did you uploaded the new keystore to your account? Because I’m only seeing you just started to export the APK without uploading the new keystore.

Indeed, import the new keystore to Kodular generated from AppToMarket called “android.keystore”

If I import the Keystore Original, the project compiles without any problem, which indicates that there is something wrong with the new keystore.

Is there a video performing the steps?

Is there another way to change the aforementioned data in a keystore.jks?

Did you update the apktool to the latest version?


It won’t matter as it uses keytool to change keystore however, I don’t know if AppToMarket changes all tre values as you can only fill in two of them

Do it manually

If all else fails

Afterwards you will be contacted by Google to perform some task


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Try the latest version of APK Studio:

since v4.0.3 there are:

  • Added Support for APK Signing scheme v2 (7.0+) (uber-apk-signer)
  • Dependency on zipalign binary removed (except for linux-x86) (uber-apk-signer)
  • KeyStore import made optional (APK will be signed with embedded KeyStore by default) (uber-apk-signer)

see also here:

Thanks to everyone, I had to contact Contact with play store Developer Support.

That’s how I solved my problem.

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