Error in condition and lists

First of all, thank this community, the truth is that I spend hours looking, searching and learning.

Have if I can explain what I am trying to do, and the error that I cannot solve.

I have an Excel file with two sheets or tabs, and on each sheet there is a list of articles.

The idea is that when the application users delete a line from the “aceptar” tab, if in that line the content of column “C” and “A” is repeated somewhere in the “ofrecer” tab, add the the sum of the column “E” of both sheets. If this condition is met, do no more.
On the contrary, if the first condition is not fulfilled, carry out a second sweep to see if the following condition is fulfilled: if there is a match in column “C” of both sheets, but not in column “A”, write a new one line. And if neither of the two previous conditions has been met, if the content of column “C” of the selected line in the “aceptar” sheet is not in column “C” of the “ofrecer” sheet, write a one line .

I have the problem, when there is a match between the columns “A” and “C” of both sheets, but said match (in the sheet “ofrecer”) is in the last line. When it is in that position, it does not detect the coincidence, and it creates two new lines for me.
On the contrary, when the match line is not the last one, if it creates the sum of the values ​​of column “E”.

I hope I have explained myself well and above all, excuse my English (I use a translator)

I hope it is really hard to understand or listen your query … let we wait if someone got your point…

I solve it!! The bug was in the “per element” component. Using the “for every number from” component, it solved.

Thank you

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