Error in extension IDE

I registered my self with extention IDE but when I entered my details in login screen and after filling the details , then show the error (invalid password and email Id) I also try with forget password but it’s not work please help me.

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  1. Elaborate

  2. Show pics of situation, this can be everything from what you said.



My pc is closed now I am registering on phone .same error show when I trying to open this with pc.

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Maybe you set the wrong password, or wrong email. There is no problem for me.

I tried many time lets consider i type the email id and password wrong then it will wrong 1 time or may be 5 times but i try to login from 2 days and i also search on community but i didnt get the solution that’s why i created that post.

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Did you get this to begin with?

You will receive an activation email

Secondly, did you activate it?


If not, then how do you expect it to work


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