Error in reading the linestring

whenever i try to read the coordinates, to trace a route it presents this error, can someone help me please?


Hi @Alex_Tavares
It is true that a picture worths more than thousand words but not always because everything has exceptions :joy:
Please read this:

thanks for the suggestion, my problem is that whenever i try to trace a route, with the coordinates of the error presented above.

welcome…but still necessary information is missing like components used and a screenshot of relevant blocks.

well, I used the locationiq api to acquire the points of a route, I made the filter of these points and organized for the following blocks, so that the route is shown on the map, then when I click the “trace route button” it presents that error , saying he can’t read the arguments, I believe the problem is in the format that the coordinates should be presented to linestring, because I don’t know exactly which format it should be.

I think you are not parsing responseContent correctly as it seems to be a list of list of lists.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to change the reading mode, would you know how to answer the string format that the linestring.point component supports?

Does it return result in JSON format?

again, thank you very much for your collaboration, i wish you have a great day, i will try to adjust my programming logic based on the information you presented and return later informing if i got a solution.

See the example of what the longitude and latitude pairs should look like. With (,) comma brackets? With brackets? So take your feedback and maybe format it with json text decode …


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