Error in storing values in Firebase database

I am facing a problem whan store vaues in firebase sometime it stores and sometime not storing values in firebase

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Show your blocks please

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That sometimes(depends on your internet or Blocks) so as @Alapjeet said show your blocks so we can check if there is any mistake in blocks or thats happening because of bad internet.

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In procedure it just save name and number but not in points

Firebase point properties & number properties…
Screenshot please…

Do you have multiple firebase components? You really only need one.

Also, change the name of your ‚Äúprocedure‚ÄĚ to something useful. ‚Äúprocedure‚ÄĚ is not a reserved word, but could cause the builder some confusion.


Sry unable to know what u want 2 say

And what about bucket name???

R u making earning app @THS_Developers

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No, but why???

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Go to designer side

Show the properties of firebase components
Which you used for storing number & coins.
Check link
Check project bucket…
Token everything once…

Already, sometime it stores and sometime not‚Äč:worried:

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Now you have any solution??

Your prblm is new for me… I even dont know how to react…