Error in String Component

Hi, I was making a guide but I am facing a issue whenever I want to edit properties of String component it shows -
But when I click cancel it is working fine. Please assist.

Yes it does’t matter

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when u are new then it happens after 10 projects it goes

Really? :thinking:I have approximately 100 projects and im not new, then too sometimes i get this error, and it doesn’t matter getting this error, it just if the project hangs or some problem of loading blocks

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maybe it happens in computer

You have to exactly show what you are doing.

I have atleast 50

It was working fine before but when I added this block it started to happen -

And what do you get if you press ok on the error screen?

no need to open page no use of it never mind it just click ok

Why is there no use of it?

i dont know that but as far as i know that is a small bug that wont harm ur projects

so click ok or cancel button

Don’t give wrong suggestions.
Bug is bug small or big


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