Error index 0 in my cart

Hi everyone, I have a problem wanting to remove items from my text and image viewer. When the item is the first in the list I can’t delete it. The error is index 0. Can someone help me? I share with you the blocks that I use to add products to the cart.

You need to show the blocks you are using to delete items.

Try math block of addition, (get number +1)
I think it work.

I already tried block +1 but I can’t delete the first element (element 0). I need users to be able to delete products in the cart.

If you like you may share your aia in message because I am not getting with your blocks or you can wait for ProKoders reply

Try this


@Tekwizer maybe he used position + 1 in call List_View_Image_and_Text remove item position block so first item which is in position 0 wasn’t deleted. In the blocks above you delete from ListView using position and from global lists using position+1


I’ll check what you say and then I’ll tell you if it worked or not. Thank you

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