Error messages that the values are empty even though the values are filled in.what is the reason?

Even though every value is filled it appears to me when I run the app that there are empty values and the app crashes just as the text label one and the text label two appear blank in the application even though they are both filled in the project

For your information, the application sometimes crashes and sometimes returns to work automatically
The strange thing is that all the blocks are correct

Possibly these blocks causing the problem


If either Label5 or output from tinydb for tag SK is empty then the function will fail. Ensure both are at least 0 (a number zero). You cannot add something to an empty something else…

Their value is equal to 100, but they will not keep the value unless the timer reaches a certain time, meaning when the application is opened for the first time, there is no value in them.
Do you think this is the problem?

Math blocks doesn’t like empty strings so on first run set labels to 0 and set call tinyDb get value tag to use 0 if tag not there

How can I do that



Thank you, I will give it a try

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