Error NullpointerExeption, report from google console

I got crash report from Google Console
NullpointerExeption floatingView$

I got an error crush NullPointerException FloatingView$

at com.jdl.FloatingView.FloatingView$ (Unknown Source:49) at ( at com.jdl.FloatingView.FloatingView.showFloatView (Unknown Source:20) at com.jdl.FloatingView.FloatingView.resultReturned (Unknown Source:24) at (SourceFile:748) at ( at (


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Is there any answer to my question since 7 days ago?

It mean either floating view is not working or it is wrongly blocked. Can you show us your blocks?

I think this floating view is by atom developer and all of his extensions are removed from our community, so do not know how for this will work in kodular… why don’t you find some other alternative,

@Still-learning It’s quite clear that he is using extension of @jarlissonlira2

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Do not test in comparison, try in apk… if still problem found post your blocks

The report doesn’t show in which screen the error happened

Try deleting or disabling one screen at a time.