Error occurred. Please help!

When I click a button to open another screen it is shown. Please help me and thanks in advance.

Maybe you mistyped the name of the Screen you want to open

No. I haven’t.

Show your blocks regarding button click event…
And I strongly recommend you to read this before creating a new topic

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If you post only an error message, and you don’t post WHAT caused the error message (blocks) then all people will do is just guess, which is a waste of time for you and for them. Please post ALL the information you have!
You said it happens when you click a button, then post the Button.Click event of that button that caused the error.


Yes, it is really annoying and time consuming to ask every time an issue or question is posted what exactly caused this problem. Therefore I would suggest that every user who opens a new topic is first asked to clarify and confirm a few points beforehand:

I confirm that I have observed the following:
□ precise description of the issue / bug
□ the forum was previously searched for similar issues
□ show code, relevant blocks (images, screenshot/s of blocks in high quality)
□ I debugged my blocks (connect to companion & right mouse click: “Do it”

Maybe @Peter , @Taifun or @Boban … would like to consider this suggestion.

PS: I know that some points are already in “How to ask a question”. But who is reading this?


I didn’t find it anywhere. Even I checked in stack overflow but I didn’t get the solution.

There are 841 blocks. So I thought it will annoy the viewers.

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Ok, but like I said before, you said the error happened when you clicked a button. Then post the blocks where that button click event is evaluated only. If that button calls procedure/s, also post those procedures.


Thanks for all your advise. I have removed that screen. Now no need to worry.